A Walled  Vineyard of 7.53 hectares

A Walled Vineyard of 7.53 hectares

Situated in the heart of the Côte de Nuits in the village of Morey-Saint-Denis, Clos de Tart's vineyard is unique thanks to its diverse terroir. 

The Estate is completely surrounded by a dry-stone wall, giving the Estate its name, as 'Clos' means 'walled vineyard'. This historic structure totals 1.2 km in length and is traditionally-Burgundian in origin. A long-standing witness of our identity, the wall was restored in 2006.

The riches of this climat* are quite extraordinary, as indeed is the slope of the vineyard. Interestingly, the vines are planted with a North/South exposure, which is not commonly practiced on the hillsides of the Côte-d'Or. 

In recent years, in-depth studies have been carried out to better understand the nature of each sub-plot that makes up the mosaic of soils and subsoils at Clos de Tart. Thanks to these efforts, today we are able to faithfully transcribe how these twelve different subplots complement one another and offer the purest expression of our precious Pinot Noir vines.

By clicking on the link to the topographical map below, you can discover the wide variety of terroirs of Clos de Tart and better understand the subtleties and complementary features of the subplots that make up the final blend of this Grand Cru Monopole.

*Climat(s) "are precisely delineated plots of land that enjoy specific geological and climatic conditions. When combined with human effort and translated through the two great Bourgogne varietals of Pinot Noir for reds and Chardonnay for whites, they give rise to an exceptional range of appellations that are classified according to quality and which enjoy international renown." Source: www.bourgogne-wines.com

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